Custom Equipment Gallery

Tedon designs and manufactures a wide variety of material handling equipment. If it has a conveyor, hopper, catwalk, or structural support then we can make it to your project specifications.

splice together portable conveyor

Bolt Together Field Conveyor

fixed 3 bin feeder

Fixed 3 Bin Feeder

Rail Car Unloader

Pant Leg Discharge Hoods

Reclaim Tunnel Conveyor

Belt Feeder Hopper w/ Auto Grizzly

Skid Towable 2 Bin Feeder

60' Bents Engineered for Seismic

Low Profile Drive Over Unloader

Mini Belt Feeder Hopper

Portable 3 Bin Feeder

Engineered Support for Blade Mill

Drive Over Unloader

Small Hopper

Precision Anchor Placement System

15yd Hopper w/ Weld on Liners